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To read
GM Soy, Sustainable? Responsible?
FoE Europe, 2013: Environmental impacts of glyphosate
Greenpeace: Time to end the chemical war against superweeds:
- Soy, a Hunger for Land: 
- Critical report on the Round Table
Protest letter by the Global Forest Coalition against Round Table: 
Protest letter by Friends of the Earth International against RTRS:
- Statements of scientists on the dangers of GM food
Seeds of Deception, very good book on Genetic Engeneering
publication 'fuelling destruction in latin america'

To watch
- Killing Fields: short and very clear documentary
- GM soy in animal feed - greetings from Monsanto
Sort item on Dutch TV, juli 2011, English subtitles
- Live to survive in Paraguay, 9 min
-  Paraguays painfull GMO hargest, Channel 4, 23 min
- La guerra de soja: spanish documentary, 42 min
The world according to Monsanto, very good documentary, 1h 50m
Video 'the agrofuels myth'

Reports from the struggle in Paraguay and Argentina:
Ban GM food:
Information on GM crops and industry:
Campaign against biofuels:
Greenpeace petition against GM rice:
Petition against GM corn in Mexico (Sp):
English site against Monsanto:
French site against Monsanto: