GM Roundup Ready Soy


Soy is produced in South-America for export. Large parts of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia are covered by extensive soy fields. The soy is shipped to Europe and China to be used as animal feed in the meat and dairy industry. The Netherlands are the second largest soy importer in the world.

Most of this soy (90%) is genetically engineered. The company Monsanto has designed soy varieties to be resistant to their own herbicide RoundUp (glyphosate). Roundup kills all other plants, except the soy.

This enables easy weed control. One only has to spray the field before sowing and kill everything that grows on it, without ploughing. This is repeated various times during the growing season, spraying Roundup mixed with various surfactants, insecticides and fungicides. This form of Soy production requires intense and repeated use of agri-toxics. Both seeds and agri-chemicals are produced by Monsanto and similar companies.

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