This is a ‘La Soja Mata’ (Soy Kills) campaign. La Soja Mata is a project supported by the  organisations ASEED Europe and Corporate Europe Observatory. Some of us live or have worked in Paraguay and Argentina. This has resulted in many contacts with local people and organisations. Video reports can be watched at our site has been launched to inform a broader Dutch public about the effects of the soy production. Holland is the second largest importer of soy in the world, Dutch companies and a Dutch NGO play a leading role in the legitimation of toxic soy as ‘responsible’, with strong financial support from the Dutch government. is the English equivalent of this site, to make it possible for people all around the world to read about the problems of toxic soy and appeal to the NGO’s involved to stop their support and prevent toxic soy being labelled as ‘responsible’.

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The team against GM toxic soy